Monday, May 12, 2008

Some May 12th Sichuan Earthquake Pictures

Pictures taken from a thread on Tianya. This is truly a tragedy, I just hope those living in the affected areas are rescued soon.

In Chengdu, a hospital was evacuated onto the streets. Residents formed circles to ensure a doctor could safely deliver a baby.

A man kissing his pregnant wife's hand, assuring her that he will be with at her side.

Parents and grandparents soothing babies.

Students at a Lanzhou primary school hiding under desks.

A man comforting his wife/girlfriend.

In Xian, People's Liberation Army No. 323 Officer Hospital erected tents to accommodate their 700 evacuated patients.

Malls were closed due to concerns of aftershocks.

A building in Chengdu shows cracks after the quake.

Hangzhou residents looked up at the buildings from where they were just evacuated.

Many buildings collapsed in Dujiangyan City.

Students at a Dujiangyan City middle schools were buried in the rubble.

Premier Wen arrived at the affected areas within hours.

A brave pregnant woman lowered herself down a hospital wall using sheets tied together.

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